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It was already quite late when I decided to go home. It was still snowing and it was cold as well. A loud sneeze startled me and I walked towards the noise, out of curiosity. It seemed to come from nearby the clock’s tower of Saint-Nicolas Church.
There, I found a surprising scene: a sleigh to which reindeers were harnessed. A man dressed in red with white hair and a white beard was standing in front of the leading reindeer.
“Oh, Rudolph, now is not the time to let me down!”
“As if it was my fault! Achoo!”
I couldn’t believe my eyes. A talking reindeer! Santa Claus noted my presence and sighed: “We have been spotted…”
“I believe that your reindeer needs a doctor,” I said while walking towards them.
Santa Claus’ face brightened: “A doctor! That’s the solution!”
He took a mobile phone from his jacket pocket and sent a text message. Moments later, a strange noise could be heard. A dark blue phone box appeared next to us, out from nowhere. The door opened and a man came out of the box. He was wearing a black suit, had silver hair and heavy eyebrows that seemed to talk on their own.
“Here is the patient!” He said when he saw Rudolph.
“Are you the doctor?” I asked a bit foolishly.
His diagnosis was made in no time. The reindeer was suffering from a form of allergy. Luckily he happened to have the right medicine. Santa Claus told him that this had been cause for delay in the delivery and the doctor offered to give him a hand. I probably looked astonished because Rudolph explained that the doctor was a time and space traveller.
“And it’s not my first visit to your town… Last time I came, I misplaced a set of flagons that had been offered to me by a Celt. By the time I realised they were gone, they had been found by workers. It made quite a fuss! I couldn’t get them back of course. I wonder if people still speak about those flagons today…”
“A film has been made about them,” I told him.
“What a brilliant idea!” The Doctor exclaimed. “And now, Santa, what about delivering your gifts together?”
I witnessed as the strange phone box vanished and as the sleigh took off. Eyes turned towards the sky, I heard a sneeze in the distance.
“Santa Claus and a time and space traveller… No one is going to believe me if I ever tell this strange tale…” I whispered before I resumed walking home. But I was smiling.