Je quitte parfois mon univers pour en visiter d’autres imaginés par de talentueux artistes/scénaristes. Les fanfictions qui en découlent n’ont pour seul objectif que de divertir les lecteurs et fans de ces univers, (ainsi que moi-même) ! 


The Librarians

Doctor Who

“Doctor Who : Famille” – une histoire de Noël – 24 décembre 2016.

En langue anglaise :

First Doctor
The Ghost Train: There are strange things happening at the funfair. If only the Doctor could realise it before it’s too late…
The Unhappy Engineer: The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian find themselves in London in 1808, right on time to see Richard Trevithick’s invention, a new steam engine, being presented to the public in an attraction called “Steam Circus”. The Doctor can’t resist having a look and of course, things suddenly take an unexpected turn…
Missy & the Doctor: Missy manages to escape from the vault and pays a visit to a friend.
Infinite Space, Infinite Possibilities, One Decision: The Doctor considers leaving space and his travels to settle in somewhere nice with Susan.


Second Doctor
Chaos in the Laboratory: The Second and Third Doctor are forced to work together when the TARDIS is stolen.
The Day the Doctor Said No: Second Doctor, 21st October 1966, Welsh Coal mine Aberfan.


Third Doctor
Chaos in the Laboratory: The Second and Third Doctor are forced to work together when the TARDIS is stolen.
The Other Companion


Fourth Doctor
A Chance to Reconnect: The 4th Doctor meets his former companion Jo Jones and discusses with her what happened with the crystal he’s got from Metebelis III.
How the Doctor Tried to Avoid a Karaoke Night: The 4th Doctor, U.N.I.T., karaoke night.
I Remember
The Daleks Strike Back: The 4th Doctor and Romana II encounter some Daleks.
The Man Who Always Got Himself Into Trouble: The 4th Doctor and Romana solving a murder mystery on Earth. At first it seems like a normal murder but the perpetrator turns out to be an exiled alien.


Seventh Doctor
A Case of Mistaken Identity
An Evening at the Museum: While accompanying Bernice Summerfield at the annual Corbuse’s Convention of Archaelogy, the Doctor meets an enigmatic woman…


Twelfth Doctor
Prelude: Amongst the Doctor’s companion were humans, aliens, a tin dog and a Chartreux cat, named Eccleston…
The Librarians…meet the Doctor: The Twelfth Doctor retrieves a Victorian bracelet that leads him to more trouble than he asked for…

Here we go again: Cybermen are back and the Doctor gets a glimpse of his past while Bill and Nardole have to take charge.