Je quitte parfois mon univers pour en visiter d’autres imaginés par de talentueux artistes/scénaristes. Les fanfictions qui en découlent n’ont pour seul objectif que de divertir les lecteurs et fans de ces univers, (ainsi que moi-même) ! 

Doctor Who

Stories featuring Eccleston, the Chartreux Cat: follow this link!

Stories sorted by Doctor:

First Doctor
The Ghost Train: There are strange things happening at the funfair. If only the Doctor could realise it before it’s too late…
The Unhappy Engineer: The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian find themselves in London in 1808, right on time to see Richard Trevithick’s invention, a new steam engine, being presented to the public in an attraction called “Steam Circus”. The Doctor can’t resist having a look and of course, things suddenly take an unexpected turn…
Missy & the Doctor: Missy manages to escape from the vault and pays a visit to a friend.
Infinite Space, Infinite Possibilities, One Decision: The Doctor considers leaving space and his travels to settle in somewhere nice with Susan.
I can find a job!: When Susan claims that her grandfather wouldn’t want to fit in on Earth, he decides to prove her wrong and find a job. (Written for Mixital Fanfiction challenge #28)
A Fearful Experience: The First Doctor is faced with a terrible opponent who has managed to take over the TARDIS… But has he really?
The Creature from the Junkyard: A junkyard isn’t always the safest place to stay. Who knows what kind of creature lurks in the shadows?


Second Doctor
Chaos in the Laboratory: The Second and Third Doctor are forced to work together when the TARDIS is stolen.
The Day the Doctor Said No: Second Doctor, 21st October 1966, Welsh Coal mine Aberfan.


Third Doctor
Chaos in the Laboratory: The Second and Third Doctor are forced to work together when the TARDIS is stolen.
The Other Companion

All you need is… : As the Doctor drives away from Jo’s engagement party, he lets his thoughts wander freely…
The Infernal Angels: The Third Doctor travels all the way to a remote place in the Amazonian forest, hoping to find peace and quiet. When it turns out that he isn’t the only one with this same idea, things start to get complicated.


Fourth Doctor
A Chance to Reconnect: The 4th Doctor meets his former companion Jo Jones and discusses with her what happened with the crystal he’s got from Metebelis III.
How the Doctor Tried to Avoid a Karaoke Night: The 4th Doctor, U.N.I.T., karaoke night.
I Remember
The Daleks Strike Back: The 4th Doctor and Romana II encounter some Daleks.
The Man Who Always Got Himself Into Trouble: The 4th Doctor and Romana solving a murder mystery on Earth. At first it seems like a normal murder but the perpetrator turns out to be an exiled alien.


Fifth Doctor
We, Zombies: Eccleston, the Chartreux cat, reunites with the Fifth Doctor in a town full of zombies.


Seventh Doctor
A Case of Mistaken Identity
An Evening at the Museum: While accompanying Bernice Summerfield at the annual Corbuse’s Convention of Archaelogy, the Doctor meets an enigmatic woman…
Family // “Doctor Who : Famille” – une histoire de Noël – 24 décembre 2016.
Nobody can live with that Burden: What if the Seventh Doctor was in the Fourth Doctor’s shoes and could destroy the Daleks once and for all? Would he take his chance?
The Night I became his Companion: a dream that turned out into a story, or the story of a dream…
Time, Fashion and The Rani: “Time and the Rani”, only with a cat!


Tenth Doctor

Love at First Sight: The Rani traps the Tenth Doctor and has a plan to ensure his absolute cooperate in her latest mischief. But then Sherlock Holmes happened… (a Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes crossover)

Twelfth Doctor
Prelude: Amongst the Doctor’s companion were humans, aliens, a tin dog and a Chartreux cat, named Eccleston…
The Librarians…meet the Doctor: The Twelfth Doctor retrieves a Victorian bracelet that leads him to more trouble than he asked for… (a Doctor Who/The Librarians crossover)

Here we go again: Cybermen are back and the Doctor gets a glimpse of his past while Bill and Nardole have to take charge.
Achoo!: Because Rudolph is sneezing, Santa has to interrupt his gifts’ distribution this Christmas. Luckily, he can count on the Doctor to help him!
The Day they met: When River Song and Captain Jack Harkness meet for the first time, there is a furry surprise waiting for them.
The White Lady: On Halloween Day, people start disappearing from various places and times. The Doctor investigates to find out what is going on.
Doctor Who: Legacy – I’ll keep you safe (by my standards): the Doctor and his companions arrive in the strangest of places where, in order to survive, they need to play a life size tile matching puzzle game. Is this the end for the Doctor?

The Librarians

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