I’ve been a writer for two decades, writing crime novels set in the past, present and future. Strangely enough, I never wrote about cats despite the fact that I live with 9 of them! Now it is time for me to start a new project, featuring those furry heroes! If you wish to support me by becoming a patron, follow this link!

● Why now?
I got inspired and I’ve that huge project that I wish to share with readers and cat lovers!

● Do you wish to live off your cats?
I doubt they would agree! They are my inspiration, I do the writing. What I really wish is to offer them the best life and care. It means being able to buy that great cat tree I saw in the store and not have to ignore it because I can’t afford it… My patrons will not only be supporting my work, but also be supporting a community of 9 thankful cats!

● What is your project?
Building a literary universe about my cats, of course! Each of them will become the main character of a monthly short-story. There will be investigations, adventures, time travel, sorcerers and monsters involved. There will be fun, there will be the occasional tears.

● Meet the heroes!
Eloa: The eldest one. She is in charge.
Euryelle: Aka “Mom Cat”. She takes care of the gang and especially of Emrys.
Emrys: Euryelle’s son. The sociable one. He is always happy.
Evgeny: Fit and agile. He can climb anything and jump on the highest closet.
Eglantine: Eloa’s assistant and trusted confident.
Eirnyn: Clever and ingenuous. He has a solution for every problem.
Eccleston: He believes he is a famous Time-Lord’s companion.
Emmett: He is beautiful and he knows it. Humans fall in love with him at first sight.
Edelweiss: She is always ready for new adventures.
Aristote: He is the boss.
Suzanne: The human who lives with the gang. She is also their guardian.